40 More Days

40 more days. 40 more days. 40 more days. Now unless you can read my mind, you have no idea what I am talking about. There are only 40 more days until my much-needed summer vacation. After six classes, two jobs, and an internship I am more then excited for these days to pass. With the end of school and warm weather calling my name, I thought this would be a perfect time to say what my favorite things to do in Buffalo over the summer. Both to get me excited and possibly give you ideas. So here we go:

Vidler’s: For years my mother and I have made it a summer tradition to drive down to East Aroura and enjoy the area. We go to the farmers market to check out the fresh produce and then do a little shopping. This includes Vidler’s 5 & 10. We check out the seemingly never-ending rooms to see all the amazing stuff they have. After we have dinner at Picassos and then head home.

Albright Knox Art Gallery: So, I have always been interested in art, even though I have no ability to paint, draw, or sculpt. I love to look at the artwork and be amazed at what others can do. Also, the atmosphere always seems to be calm. I feel like its impossible to be mad in an art gallery. And if you go on the first Friday of the month it’s free so it’s kinda hard to be mad at that.

Erie County Fair: The best end to any summer is going to the Erie County Fair. The food, the shows, the shopping all make me happy for summer. I always go for a full day to get the experience from morning to night at the fair. And I always have to get Kettle Corn!

There’s also so many concerts and festivals here that I could not list them all but wanted to list a few of my favorites. Buffalo has a lot of exciting events to do over the course of the summer and is one of the reasons I want continue living here. So, if you love Buffalo, call Red Door Real Estate a call at (716) 768-1177 or email us realtyrenee@gmail.com
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