5 Tips for People Relocating to Buffalo

Buffalo wears many hats- everyone who lives here knows that. We’re a drinking town, a blue collar city, and the hidden food capital of the world. It is really a wonderful place to move to and settle down with a family. There is no shortage of things to do here no matter the season. Buffalo has a lot to offer anyone from all 4 seasons, to seriously quality food there is something for everyone here. Here are some tips we put together for people thinking about living in the nickel city.

1-The Winters are not something we joke about   
One thing for sure- the winters here are pretty notorious. Every few years there is a big storm or two so having a warm jacket that is actually warm is one of the most vital things you can own here in the Queen City. Also- living through one of these storms is kind of a rite of passage. The storms are still talked about years after at almost every family event ever and anytime it snows there will be stories from years past about the infamous ‘Blizzard of ‘77’ which everyone will never forget about. Our tip- invest in a few things: a good pair of touch screen gloves, a high quality snow brush, a snow removal service and nice boots. You will thank us later. If you have never experience the high amount of snow here- learn to love it fast!

2: Buffalo is actually pretty affordable
Compared to most cities of its size, Buffalo has pretty good prices. The housing market is affordable and although unemployment is kind of high (6.7% as of April 2017) Buffalo is going through resurgence. With so many new businesses coming into the area there are so many opportunities rising. The cost of living in Buffalo is 23% or so lower than it is in NYC. The average cost of utilities compared to the rest of the country is average. However- Buffalo ranks as 154 out of 520 of affordable cities to live in. You can get a city feel for cheaper than you would in other places.

3: Try ALL the food
Buffalo has some really famous food here and if you are relocating we heavily encourage you to try ALL of it. Yes- this is this the home and birthplace of the famous Buffalo Chicken Wing and you can honestly taste the difference. Even if you are just here for a weekend make it a point to visit The Anchor Bar which is the birthplace or Duff’s -equally a favorite here. Sponge Candy is something you should also try as we are one of the only places in the world you can make it! Teds, Mighty Taco, beef on weck, Andersons, Jim’s steak out, are only a few of the Buffalo favorites.  Do some research and you will find out not only where Buffalonians eat but also just how much we love food. We LOVE food. Lastly, eat pizza at local restaurants not at chains here and you can also thank us for that tip later. The pizza here is different and tastes better than any chain ever will.

4: The City of Good Neighbors
This is just one of our nicknames. It really is not that difficult to meet people here because most people are genuinely happy and nice people. Most people will find themselves in one of a few areas over the weekend- Allen or Elmwood, Hertel Avenue,  or in North Tonawanda at the few bars on the main area. Go to one, sit down and we guarantee someone will start a conversation. Also a good place to meet people is Canalside.  Canalside is one of the newest installations in the Buffalo boom and everyone loves it. There is always something going on there- from yoga classes to movie nights. Trying to get involved there will probably lead to some friendships in the future.

5: We have A LOT of pride in Buffalo Sports teams
It doesn’t matter how bad or how good the Buffalo Bills do- there will still be a crowd of screaming fans in the New Era stadium every Sunday. The same goes for the Sabres. It does not matter how many Superbowls the Bills have last (which honestly we are still salty about) Buffalonians will always show extreme pride in their sports. One topic to avoid at dinner parties- The New England Patriots. Most people hate them, even the people that don’t follow football. If you’re going to tailgate at a Bills game be prepared to view some of the most serious tailgaters in all of the NFL. We don’t mess around.

Buffalo is an amazing place that can offer a lot to really anyone looking to relocate here. From aspiring young college graduates, to older people looking to live somewhere different Buffalo can probably offer you what you’re looking for. Anywhere you are- you’re really only about 20 minutes away from the city or the country. We have a lot of pride here about our city- no matter how many losses are teams may have, no matter how many feet of snow we get, the people of Buffalo really love Buffalo. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be one of us soon! If you are interested in relocating to Buffalo please give us a call at 716-768-1177. We are opening doors all over WNY- let us help you open yours!

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