A Game with Real Implications

The summer is finally here and while many people may think that this means outdoor activities and going to the beach, you’re not wrong. However, that also means that NFL OTA’s just started, training camp is on the way, and your fantasy football draft is right around the corner. Fantasy football may seem “geeky” or “nerdy” to those who don’t play. But for those of us who do know, we’re aware that throughout the course of a 17-week NFL season a lot of crazy things can happen as a result of this type of football that isn’t even real. Relationships will be broken, employees will be fired, and you might even end up with the tattoo of your friends’ choice if your league does that.

photo of assorted NFL football collection

For me, my favorite part of fantasy football is the draft. Every August I travel back to Rochester to see my old friends from high school and it’s pretty cool having fourteen people you spent your entire childhood with catching up, having a good time, and most importantly, drafting teams. Use it as a time to have fun, don’t be one of the following types of people that are at every fantasy football draft:

The Homer:

“Yeah uh, give me Josh Allen” “Joe it’s the first round…” This guy watches the Bills and only the Bills. He bleeds Buffalo and is completely unaware that there’s 31 other teams in the league. Every year he drafts every Bills Player as well as the occasional player who is from Buffalo (Rob Gronkowsi). It’s a shame that Gronk retired for this guy. Maybe one year the Bills will win the Super Bowl and this guy has a shot.

The Jerk:

“Julio Jones in the second round? Are you kidding? Horrible Pick.” Any pick that anyone else makes is bad and any pick that he makes is good. The funny thing is that he probably wanted Julio Jones but doesn’t want to give you the satisfaction of thinking that you made a good pick. Usually a pretty decent player, but annoying to deal with at the draft and probably talks the most trash on the message boards throughout the season.

The Human Computer:

“I wouldn’t pick Ben Roethelisberger, he has a passer rating of 58.3 when the weather is below 43.5 degrees in away games in the month of November.” The human computer has been studying all year for this draft. This is his Super Bowl. Probably the best player in the league and a lock to make the playoffs, he has non-stop been researching stats and creating formulas for the 2019 fantasy football draft. A good guy to have on your side, but sometimes just goes too far.

several silver and gold trophies on wooden surface

The Beach Bum:

“Is Peyton Manning Available?” “Joe he hasn’t played in like 5 years”. While the human computer was preparing for this draft, the beach bum has been sitting on the beach drinking coronas all summer. Normally a really cool guy, he just is far from prepared for this draft. Occasionally he gets lucky on a pick or 2 but you can normally find him at the bottom of the standings by the end of the season. He will probably stop at a gas station and grab this year’s fantasy football magazine 15 minutes before the draft.

The Other League guy:

“I’ve won my other league the past like 5 years in a row.” We get it, you’re in another league. However, the only league we’re focused on is this one. Talk about your other league with the people that are in it. It’s also funny because this guy claims to have won his other league all these other years, but usually can be found around the middle of the pack.

Charles Brucato

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