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Hello, my name is Charles Brucato and I am interning at Red Door Real Estate WNY this summer. My real name is Charles but everyone calls me Chuck. I am from Rochester, NY, more specifically the Town of Penfield, and I just finished my junior year in the University at Buffalo School of Management as a Business Administration major with a concentration in marketing. I have two older sisters and the majority of my family resides there.

Coming into college I honestly thought I would be somewhere completely different than where I am now, but not necessarily for better or worse. I actually wasn’t even sure if I would like the city of Buffalo but I really love it and have been living here year-round for two years now and plan on living here for a very long time. I was always told that if you’re good at something then that is what you should be doing with your life. Math was always my strongest subject so coming into college so I thought I would be an accounting Major, and after taking a few courses it definitely wasn’t for me. I switched to Business Administration and took a Marketing Course as well as a personality test and determined that Marketing was for me.

What I really want to do in life is become a landlord which is why I am really excited and grateful to intern at Red Door Real Estate. I think it will give me a good hands-on experience and help me learn what the real estate industry is all about. I currently live in a house on UB South Campus with seven of my friends. When I first signed the lease I actually did some pretty basic math. There’s eight of us living there and we each pay $400 a month which equates to $3200 a month. Minus property taxes and the mortgage I’m sure my landlord makes a pretty decent profit off of the house. I was really intrigued by this so I started books like Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and they really inspired me to become a landlord. My father just bought his first rental property in Rochester so I want to hang around him and see how his experience goes and am really excited to do so. 

Having said all of that I am only 21 years old and a lot of things can definitely change with time. I might look back on this in 20-30 years and laugh to myself to be honest. Anyways, when I’m not working or doing school work I love to hang out with friends and watch and play sports. I am a big Jets fan even though I’m from Rochester and we all get together and watch all of the big games. I also enjoy watching crime drama movies such as Goodfellas and Casino.

I really have enjoyed every second of my college experience. Sometimes I can be afraid of change as I loved high school as well and didn’t want to leave. However, I only have one year of school left and I am going to try to enjoy every second of it. I am really excited for my internship this summer and can’t wait to see what life holds for me after.

Charles Brucato


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