Accomplishing my Fall Bucket List

So, I have never really sat down and watched a professional Football game, nor have I stayed and watched more than a quarter of a game on TV.  However, this Sunday with another non-native Buffalonian had Brunch at Thin Man Brewery.  We came for brunch but ended up staying for the game. When we were planning brunch, it had escaped both of our minds that Sunday are for the Bills.


I have completed roughly three fourths of an item off my bucket list for the fall.  I say three fourths of an item because, I did not go to an actual home game to tailgate.  My version of tailgating was at Thin Man, and happening upon the situation not explicitly seeking the situation.  So, in this situation I am saying it was half an experience- a whole experience would be at Bills stadium.  I am saying a quarter of an item, as I have only been to one brewery so far.  My goal is to hit two breweries total and two distilleries.


With my bucket list in mind I was absolutely in love with the whole day! Thin Man Brewery in association with other vendors sure knew how to put on the greatest football Sunday party ever.  And who knew that the Bills were going to kick some Vikings butt! But this was an unbelievable game to watch, as within the first few minutes there was a Bills touch down scored by Allen.  So, for every person who guessed correct score, there were prizes being given away.  In association with points scored there were also free shots of whiskey being given away as well.



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Sarah Little

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