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Around this time last year, my Mom was getting her nails done when the woman doing her nails made her aware of a situation going on. It was about a dog, named Tender, that she knew was being kept in a basement. The owners of the house wanted to get rid of the dog- by get rid of they meant kill or abandon somewhere. My mom, being the animal lover that she is, acted immediately. She called up Diamonds in the Ruff, which is a non-profit organization she is a member of, ran completely by volunteers, that rescue and foster animals until they find a forever home.

            When they arrived at the house the dog was at, they found her in the basement, completely neglected with no quality of life. She had no contact with people or the world outside of the basement. Tender was vomiting blood when found, so my Mom brought her to the vet. When examined, it became clear that Tender had parvovirus due to her lack of vaccination and care. Vets told my Mom and volunteers that it would be easier to euthanize Tender, as treatment to cure this disease was very expensive. Diamonds in the Ruff stuck to their values and refused, a GoFundMe page was set up and members of the organization and the community donated. The $6,000 treatment was completely covered- $2,000 that was raised on the GoFundMe went towards the treatment while the other $4,000 was paid for by Diamonds.

            When she was finally recovered, Tender was placed into foster care with my Mom- except this time her name was Sophia, after the nail lady that made my Mom aware of her situation. Sophia needed to be temporarily kept away from other dogs until the virus was completely out of her system. By the time the virus was gone as Sophia was ready to be adopted, my Mom and my brother, Adam, had grown to love Sophia as they had watched her recover and grow into her personality. Adam decided that he could not watch Sophia go into another home, so he adopted her!

            Sophia went from a dark basement, to vets saying it would be easier to euthanize her, all the way to a forever, happy home. None of that would have been possible without Diamonds in the Ruff. I encourage everyone to adopt and not to shop. There are so many dogs out there with stories similar to Sophia’s, dogs that have been given a second chance at life thanks to local non-profits and donations from people of the community. So why not give them the second chance they deserve?

Sophia happy and healthy in her forever home!

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