An Adventure to Toronto

After a weekend spent in Toronto, I have come to the conclusion that it could quite possibly be one of my top 3 favorite cities of all time. To pinpoint, the atmosphere offers an entirely different vibe that I have yet had the chance of experiencing anywhere else. Overall, the city is aesthetically pleasing while it brings both a modern yet artsy feel to it. While it appears to be pleasant, I can also confirm that everything else about it is pleasant as well. For one, the people are fantastic. Every single person that I had encountered from the area was incredibly friendly, each giving their input to ensure that my friends and I had an unforgettable experience. Two, I quickly learned that there is always, ALWAYS something to be doing whether it be shopping, attending sporting events, visiting restaurants, bar hopping, and so on, the opportunities are endless. You name it, Toronto has most likely got it.     

This past weekend was filled with all kinds of adventures, on top of many firsts for me. Unfortunately for only being there two days, a limited amount of time was left to complete the bucket list that my friends and I had created for our trip. However, we were sure to take full advantage of all of the time that we did have.

My friends and I arrived at our Airbnb in the beautiful city, late Saturday afternoon. As we settled into our new home, we contemplated what to do first since the possibilities were endless. Eventually we determined that “The Lockhart”, a Harry Potter themed bar, would be the first destination in our travels. The ambiance just screams Harry Potter. A collection of potions and elixirs are used and mixed to create magical concoctions, or cocktails. Inspired by the J.K. Rowling series, I would strongly advise paying a visit when in the area.

Our final pitstop of the day was at a bar/restaurant known as “Local”, and a great choice in my opinion. Overall,  the food was great given its take on a twist to basic bar food. It also provided a long list of craft beers and ciders that would cater to all tastebuds. Known for a casual hangout spot, it was the perfect place to end the night after a long day of traveling and exploring the area.

Sunday included brunch at “The Porch”, which doubles as a rooftop bar at night. Although the food was great, the view that came along with it made brunch even better. There’s something about enjoying a nice meal, with your friends, on a rooftop, while taking in an unreal view of the city.

To top it off, I should mention that we wandered over to the CN Tower afterwards. Talk about an unreal view… As a must see on our group bucket list, this was quite possibly my favorite part of the entire trip. I’ve never felt more on top of the world, than at the moment I stepped foot on the very top floor of the tower. Presented with the city skyline, I highly recommend adding the CN Tower to each of your own bucket lists. I promise, pictures won’t even do it justice.


One of the final stops on our travels included Kensington Market. The area itself is definitely quite different from the rest of Toronto. What you can expect are a wide-range of vintage boutiques, trendy hipster shops, a collection of food cafes, and plenty of street art. It is certainly a unique place to walk around and explore. Although it may not be everyones cup of tea, don’t knock it until you try it. There is something fit for everyone, and for one, I think we can all at least appreciate the art masterpieces surrounding it. Kensington Market is definitely one of a kind.

Toronto is filled with all kinds of entertainment, guaranteeing unlimited adventures. If a trip to Toronto is in the cards, I would suggest that before anything else to make sure to set some time aside and make a point to visit both the CN Tower and Kensington Market, if you haven’t already.

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