Bad Luck Charm?

The surge of people. The smell of popcorn. The exposition of orange, black, and white. The occasional orange wig. The excitement in the air as you find your seat. The cheering of the crowd. If you don’t know what I’m describing, let me help you out. I recently attended my first ever Bandits game.

Now I will admit that I am not an athletic person, nor do I watch a lot of sporting events. I’ve been to Sabers games and watch the Bills games on TV, but usually I’m multitasking so the game does not have my full attention. After going up to the 300s I patiently waited for the game to begin. A pleasant surprise was seeing Sabertooth, as I think he is adorable. I loved seeing him with Rax (the Bandits mascot) together throughout the game.

This game was also best friends’ game, so there were best friends’ games and short segments from television shows to break the game up. Being a huge Friends fan myself, seeing Joey and Chandler on the screen was awesome. There was a dad joke challenge, where players told dad jokes to one another to see who would laugh. The beginning of the game was somewhat disappointing score wise, with the Bandits loosing for most of the start, but they were still scoring (so I guess that’s better then a no score game). Now, my first Sabers game I saw in person the Sabers lost, so as I’m watching the Bandits, I stated getting a feeling that I was a bad luck charm. My first game = they lose.

After an intermission of buying a drink and chips, were back to watching the game. The box chant filled the dome and I started catching on to saying it with the crowd. This is when the Bandits came back up. Score after score the caught up and made it a tight race to the finish. 9 points and we stared cheering “we want Moes” (10 points and you get 25% off Moes with your ticket). Not only did I get Moes on Sunday, but we WON WITH 12 POINTS! So I guess I’m not a bad luck charm after all.

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