Binge Watch Olympics

During this quarantine, I have had a lot more time to catch up on new shows and subscribe to new streaming platforms. Here is a list of all the new shows I have binge-watched and their platforms!

Disney +

I have been feeling super nostalgic, so instead of catching up on the latest Marvel films, I have been watching old school Disney. I recently watched season 1 of Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven. I grew up with those shows so it’s very calming to watch, it brings me back to simpler days. Both shows have strong women as the main character and the storylines are still relatable no matter how old I get. Even those born after 2005 could still enjoy these early 2000s gems.


Hulu has a bunch of shows on their network and several add-ons such as Starz and HBO. One show on Hulu I have been hooked on is Big Little Lies. The show follows a group of moms all struggling with their own personal issues such as divorce, sickness, and dating in this modern age. Hulu also has a plethora of interesting documentaries about just about anything to zone ou with.


Netflix is my go-to for binge-watching thrills but with all of these new streaming sites, I haven’t been on it as much. I love anything Sarah Jessica Parker, so I have watched both Sex and The City movies and the rom-com Failure to Launch. Netflix doesn’t have Sex and The City as the TV show, those rights were given to AmazonPrime Videos. A show I have been watching on Netflix which is eerily similar to the current state of the world is “Containment”. A virus takes over a small portion of the city of Atlanta and everyone is forced into quarantine. If you want to escape the reality of today, I would not recommend this show. If you want to stick something lighter I would recommend the newly added rom-com “He’s Just Not That Into You”. You can never go wrong with a sappy love story.

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