Change isn’t always easy

Take a moment and breathe. Take a moment and look at the people standing next to you, even if they are 6 feet from you. Take a moment to hug that furry friend cuddled at your feet. Most importantly, take a moment and tell that college student that you are proud of them.

         Every college student began this year with hope and excitement. That freshman who moved into the dorm away from their family for the first time wasn’t expecting their first taste of freedom to be cut so short. That senior who is finishing their studies and wrapping up their resume wasn’t expecting to miss that special moment they have worked hard for.

         Life is changing and we all must accept and change with it however; it doesn’t make it any easier. The high school students who now don’t know where to turn. That employee who was establishing their career is now cut short looking for a job and wondering how they will cover their expenses. Life as we know it has changed so drastically in a matter of days. Everyone’s hopes and dreams are muddled and confused.

Change is extremely difficult and we all cope the best that we can, we still grieve what life could’ve been. We mourn our aspirations and easy way of life. We grieve our easygoing lifestyle we only now realize we took for granted. Take a moment and appreciate the life we have but also take a moment to mourn what we have lost. We will all pull out stronger and more united as a whole but it will take time. We will face anger, depression and denial. We will feel all the ugly stages of grief for something we never thought we’d have to grieve. Take a moment and grieve but don’t dwindle too long. Don’t stop life as we know it. Pick your head up after that brief moment of grief and smile at the sunny days to come.

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