Closing the Red Door


With today being my last day at Red Door Real Estate, I can honestly say I’m shocked at how fast this experience went by. It feels like yesterday I was nervously walking into Red Door for the first time to have my interview. Prior to Red Door I had went to countless interviews for internships and caught myself thinking “I could never see myself working here,” after leaving every. single. one. When I walked into Red Door I felt a sense of relief from the calm, laid-back environment- I felt at home. Five months have passed since I started working here and that feeling of home has never left.

I am a junior at University at Buffalo, by now many of my peers have had one or more internships during their college career. I decided this semester I would do the same. I expected internships to be boring, demanding and overall unpleasant. I have seen so many movies about interns being everyone’s personal slave, getting everyone in the office lunch and coffee and doing pointless tasks that no one else wants to do. I came into this expecting the worst. I had no idea my experience at Red Door would be the complete opposite. There is never a boring day at Red Door- if you don’t have much work there are usually 1-3 dogs running around at your feet to help the time go by quicker. I expected a set 9:30-2:30 schedule, thankfully this has been far from that. Liz, my supervisor, has been more than flexible with me. Whenever something came up Liz somehow, someway figured out a way to accommodate me, my time at Red Door was 500x more enjoyable solely because of this.

Overall, I’m glad I took it upon myself to find an internship for class credit instead of sitting in a lecture hall. I encourage every upperclassman in college student to do the same. Red Door has taken me out of my comfort zone, shown me more about myself than I could have ever imagined and introduced me to some great people that I know I will keep in touch with. Without Red Door I would have never acted on my creative side, I would have never gotten real-life insight on what I wanted to do with my life (which let’s be real, I really needed,) I would have never found out that I actually don’t mind writing blogs- which is something I previously hated, and I would have never first-hand learned about what the professional world is really like. As much as it is sad for me to leave Red Door, I’m so excited for the upcoming interns to experience working here. My advice to the newbies is enjoy every moment while it lasts, before you know it you’ll be writing your Farewell Blog and wondering how you are going to say goodbye to such a great experience.

Thank you again to everyone at Red Door Real Estate for making my first internship an enjoyable one- of course if I am ever looking to buy or sell a home you know the first number I’m calling.


Alexa Graff


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