College with a Taste of Me!

Hey ladies and gents! I would like to start my blog by introducing myself. My name is Genesis Burgos, I was born in the Bronx, NY and my nationality is from the Dominican Republic. I am a Buffalo State Senior who is currently interning at Red Door Real Estate to gain marketing, work, and life experience. In May of 2019 I hope to obtain my bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and a minor in Economics.


Have you ever taken a second to reflect on your college experience? Well I would love to share my experience with you and help you bring back some great memories.

What college has taught me?

For someone who is the youngest sibling, I had to learn how to do a lot on my own. I had to make decisions on my own and learn from my mistakes. Struggling on my own taught me how to be more of an adult. It matured me and humbled me. Learning how to accept that people change and not everyone is your friend was tough too but as time goes by you will always find people who are there for you.

What my biggest college accomplishment has been?

During my senior year of college, Fall 2018, I decided to have two jobs, take a service learning class, and I was upholding every position of my sorority. It was a challenge, and some days even stressful but my main goal was to raise my GPA. By the end of the semester, I was honored by being added to the dean’s list. (My parents were excited they sent me a picture of the letter and circled Dean’s List.)

What has been the most random moment you have ever had in college?

Well I have quite a few random memories but recently my boyfriend, Trevon and I took a trip to a pet shop to buy a turtle but ended up coming back home with a Guinea Pig. Yes a GUINEA PIG! With only 3 months, the moment we laid eyes on her she was the cutest little thing ever. So could you imagine us bringing back a Guinea pig with a huge cage back to a college dorm room?

How were you able to adapt to a new environment?

Leaving NYC and moving to Buffalo was really hard, especially for someone who is not a big fan of change. I never seen my father cry but the moment he dropped me off his eyes were watery. For my first two years of college I did not want to open up to any one and I just wanted to go back and be with my high school friends. It took me to my Junior year to adapt to Buffalo and met people who I can call family.

Has college been what you had expected it to be?

Everyone’s college experience is different but when watching a college movie you normally see party schools and no one’s ever in class. Overall college has been a great experience, but soon I will be out in the real world working and trying to get my masters.

 Feel free to share your college experience!

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