With it somehow already being the middle of April and the end of the semester quickly approaching, it is officially the most un-wonderful time of the year for college students: finals. All nighters in the library, large coffees on large coffees and stress that makes your head want to explode are right around the corner. I have seen finals week, or in UB’s case finals WEEKS, take its toll on my classmates- lots of tears and lots of “I really can’t do this.” Personally, I know the stress is coming and try my best to prepare for it and deal with it in a way that doesn’t make me crumble. Here are 5 tips on how to do this!

  1. Plan– Make a visual plan of all assignments due and exams coming up. Take note of what time exams are and also the location they are at- so you aren’t running around trying to figure it out an hour before.
  2. Breaks– Long shifts of studying often make your brain turn into mush after a while and you begin reading without even retaining anything anymore. Every hour try taking a 25 minute break, walk around, check your phone and just mentally relax.
  3. Phones away– The hardest but most rewarding tip. Nothing is worse than being in the middle of studying, having your phone vibrate, checking it, completely losing focus and having to start all over. An easy way to avoid this is putting it away! Don’t let the outside world keep you from being successful.
  4. SLEEP!– Skipping sleep is very, very tempting to do but ultimately will be your downfall. Running on no sleep impairs your memory, makes your mood worse and just isn’t a good time. Keep your sleep schedule as regular as you can.
  5.  Know your worth– At the end of the semester when grades start rolling in, if you get a bad grade it is NOT the end of the world. You are more than a grade and life will go on. No matter what happens, know you tried your best- that’s all that really matters.

Good luck to everyone taking finals!

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Alexa Graff

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