Distance Learning!

Distance learning is essentially instruction away from campus as opposed to face-to-face contact. For those that have never enrolled in an online course, this can be confusing and frustrating. 

Some pros of distance learning include


  • Flexibility- Learn anywhere, at any time!

  • Pacing- Some students catch on quickly, but others need time to understand. Now the choice is yours on how fast or slow you want to learn. 

  • Commitments- Make self-care a priority with distance learning! Face masks while taking a quiz? My new favorite combo.

Here are some ways to alleviate that stress and finish spring semester with a bang:


If you are new to distance learning, take time to get accustomed to this way of receiving information.Scientists believe that there are 3 main types of learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.Before diving right into studies, try figuring out what type of learner you are. Just because it is online doesn’t mean it will be a walk in the park! With all this new time on our hands try not to cram half a semester’s work into 2 hours.


2)Ask Questions

Your professors are still available when you need them. Although they are also going through their transition period, emails are always open. If you are having IT problems, the IT department on most campuses is open on most campuses to answer your questions.

3)Timing Is Key!

Setting times for course work to be completed could really help create a routine. Self-motivating plays a big role in this. Set an alarm similar to your times before you began to study off campus, and get busy.

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