Don’t Take The Easy Way

In the light of hard times, focusing on the positive can be difficult. I am the first to agree with you. Getting swept into negativity is so much easier than looking at negativity in the eyes and smiling your brightest smile. But in times of extreme despair, smiling is the only way we will get through.

 Your birthday may fall into all of the chaos. It is extremely easy to wallow in self-pity. It is so so easy to frown and swear that the world is against you. What isn’t easy however is admitting that your birthday is spent indoors but you won’t let it stop you. It isn’t easy to make your own cake to celebrate with your family. It isn’t easy to accept that all of our loved ones will have to check in via social media or video chats. But accepting the uneasy and embracing the smallest glimmer of happiness is what will keep us going through.

         For the college students who are so overwhelmed with dread. It is easy for them to look at this missed milestone with regret. It is easy to cry out and say how unfair this all is. What isn’t easy is admitting how far you’ve come in life. Admitting that despite the end not happening how we all would like, we still had 4 amazing years. We made memories, spent nights with friends studying and worked so hard to achieve what we have achieved. It isn’t easy to admit that although the celebration has been cut short, we haven’t lost what we were celebrating for. What we have achieved most certainly still deserves to be celebrated and eventually; though not conventional, will come in due time.

         Keep your head up. In times of hardship it is easy to accept defeat and wallow in pity. But we are all stronger than that. We are so much stronger than we ever give ourselves credit for. In a society of people who save hearts, smile at one another and raise beautiful children we are so much stronger than we think. Though we may not feel necessarily strong right now, we will be better off in the end. We will be survivors to hardship. We will be resilient to drastic change. Don’t take the easy way because the hard way is so much more rewarding.

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