Expect the Unexpected!

As Spring break was approaching and I was getting ready to head back to NYC for the break, I was excited to have a week off with no responsibilities and be able to just relax, sleep and enjoy a home cooked meal. For some reason my parents wanted me to come home Thursday night instead of Saturday so that I could sign a paper the next day. A one-way ticket was cost over $225, which was ridiculously expensive, so I decided to by a bus ticket instead which only cost about $55 with a student discount. After a long and tiring bus ride we had finally arrived to NYC around 7:50 pm. My parents picked me up and brought me a famous Dominican dish known as Mangu. They drove me to a location in which they parked next to a Gray Honda CR-V and said, “This is yours.” Yes Mine! My very first car! My very own car! My dad later parked and I was able to hug my car and see the inside.

The next day I woke up early to go to the DMV with my father and register my car. We were there for about 45 minutes, which was not bad due to the fact; it is normally a longer wait. My dad and I went back to the car and he put the license plate on it and went to fill up the tank with gas. At that moment I realized I needed to start saving because I had spent 40 dollars on gas and it was not enough.

Three days later my dad woke me up super early so that we can sign up for an E-Z Pass. We got there around 9:00 a.m. to avoid long lines and by 9:18 a.m. we were done. Cost about $30 dollars!

My parented decided to let me take my car to Buffalo in which they drove me back to campus and took a plane back to NYC that same night. Having my very own car has been an amazing and unreal experience since I am normally used to waiting for the bus, renting a zip car or paying for Uber/ Lyft rides.

Tips on keeping your car in good conditions:

  1. Change your oil
  2. Check your battery
  3. Check your tire pressure
  4. Clean windshields and change your wipers
  5. Check your brakes
  6. Keep your car clean
  7. Have money set aside just for your car!

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