Exploring Ireland

After living the entire 20 years of my life in Buffalo I mustered up the courage to pull of the Band-Aid and pack my life away to live in Dublin, Ireland for five months.  I remember the day I was preparing to leave, January 27th, the air was chilled and the snow piles were high. Although I hated this type of weather I couldn’t help but feel sentimental about leaving my home city for the next five months to experience a whole different culture.

One of the first pictures I took of my new home, Dublin

In my hometown, Irish culture tends to resonate with people but the experiences I had in Ireland were nothing like I could have expected. Buffalo may be known for its crazy party culture and wild sports fans but I’d say the Irish could probably out drink us. My friends and I would go out on Monday nights for €1.50 drinks but going out on a Monday in America? Basically unheard of. I still don’t think my liver has bounced back from my lifestyle there. From drinking in the streets for St. Patrick’s Day, going to the Guinness storehouse sky bar, to (overly) expensive pints in Temple Bar, there were truly memories made that I will never forget.

Posting up in front of Trinity College for St. Patrick’s Day 2019
Posing for a pic after pouring the “perfect” Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse
Strolling through Temple Bar with friends that will last a lifetime.

Along with Ireland knowing how to party, I have seen sights and towns that have taken my breath away. From Galway, Kilkenny, Killarney, to the Cliffs of Moher – Ireland has infinite beauty.

The tour guide on the way to the Cliffs couldn’t stop raving about how lucky we got with the weather; sometimes you can’t even see the cliffs!
We also coincidentally found a Buffalo Bills clock during our Ring of Kerry Tour
To colorful homes that are #goals in Galway
Making the most of windy and rainy days by exploring the Kilkenny Castle

My experience in Ireland has changed my life for the better. I owe so much to this small yet charming country and hope to return as soon as possible. Although I saw a lot of Ireland there are still so many places I wish I could have gotten to during my time there. I could talk about Ireland forever but my best advice is if you get the chance to go definitely go! And drink a Guinness for me while you’re at it.

Kerilyn Kostek

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