In less than 2 weeks, I will be on my way back to Westchester for Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t be more excited. I only really get to go home for breaks, so I treasure any time home. Even though the 6 hour drive seem intense, I will be driving home with two of my best friends, Siobhan and Claire. We basically grew up in the same house, living right next door to each other. We were pretty much destined to be best friends from the very beginning.
Our mom’s met before I was even old enough to talk, and since then we have basically seen each other every single day of our lives. We grew up in each other’s houses, spending the spring/summer in their huge yard and pool and spending the fall/winter in my house, making videos and dances. Siobhan, Claire and I, along with my brother Kevin were the original core four. Now, fast forward through middle school and high school, proms and graduations, three of us go to College together.
It really is kind of crazy to think that these childhood best friends, who grew up neighbors, are also neighbors when they went to school. Every week, the three of us will grab dinner, catch up, talk about home. It is the perfect break from the business of school and midterms, and really gives me that slice of home I crave throughout the semester. We have been going pretty steadily every week for the past 3 years which is so fulfilling. My friends know this semester not to plan anything on Thursday afternoons, because I’ll be on my weekly dinner with Siobhan and Claire. Sometimes we’ll invite friends and roommates and make an event out of it, which is great because we get to infiltrate each other’s friend groups. But, in the end, it is really only the time I spend with the two of them that matter.
My brother is away in California right now in Marine training, so he will not be able to spend Thanksgiving with us. I hope that by Christmas time, he will be able to come home and reunite the core four. Regardless in the months to come, we will all get to see each other again, and I cannot wait for that day.

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