Getting Connected: Facebook Community Boost Buffalo

From July 9th through July 11th, SUNY Erie City Campus hosted the Facebook Community Boost, a free event that held workshops, business training, and networking. Over the span of these three days, there were a variety of different courses offered that were designed to teach local businesses and professionals more about social media and how to utilize it. It provided the opportunity to connect with other local businesses, grow personal networks, get specific training, and learn and improve digital and social media skills. Classes ranged from how to get started with social media, boost your business, boost your marketing, and how to boost your connections.

As a member of Red Door, several other interns and I attended this three-day learning extravaganza to not only learn to improve our ability to do our jobs, but also take away valuable information that will help us far after we’ve left the Red Door family.

During this event, Facebook offered different classes in one of three locations every hour, giving attendees choice of which skills they wish to improve on or to begin learning something completely new. The classes were extremely user-friendly and hands-on, they gave beginners information to get started as well as gave people who were more adept, the opportunity to push their own boundaries and capabilities.

Not only were the classes themselves extremely insightful, but what was happening outside the classroom doors was equally as beneficial. When you weren’t soaking up new information like a sponge, Facebook offered the opportunity to get one-on-one advice from a variety of social media professionals or talk with businesses such as WordPress, M&T Bank, and Amazon Web Services. Further, there was a booth designed to teach attendees about Facebook Blueprint, a site that offers over 80 15-minute tutorials at no cost to understand different components of Facebook.

After attending all three days of this wonderful event, I took away more than I ever could’ve expected. Even though I personally don’t own a small business, I got the chance to hear and be inspired by the stories of just a handful of the local businesses in the Buffalo area. They walked me through their struggles, their triumphs, and why they do what they do. The Facebook Community Boost not only gave individuals the opportunity to grow their business and expand their knowledge, but also the chance to meet and learn from some of the inspiring individuals that can be found right here in Buffalo.

What really made this event special, though, was the eagerness of the speakers from Facebook to give guidance and support to the local community. There was a sense of admiration that radiated off the stage during all of the presentations that was unmistakable. The speakers didn’t merely step on stage and start speaking at those who surrounded them. Rather, they interacted and collaborated with the local professionals treating them as peers willing and wanting to learn. Everyone from the Facebook team arrived with a positive attitude and made themselves readily available to anyone and everyone who wanted to ask them questions. They helped to cultivate a welcoming environment to grow at your own pace that felt nothing less than authentic.

Perhaps you’re thinking: So, what’s the point? I’m reading about an event that already happened there’s nothing more I can do.

The area of Buffalo is brimming with local businesses and professionals whose knowledge and experience is absolutely invaluable. My point is to get connected. Connect with the businesses in your area and ask them their stories. Teach each other and learn from each other. Collaborate with and inspire one another. Connect with Buffalo online and in person. Utilize learning services offered to you, like Facebook Blueprint, but also utilize what’s happening right outside your front door.

Even after Facebook has long left the Queen City, the people and the community that make Buffalo special will always be here.

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By: Ashley Dressig


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