Hertel Avenue Is on the Rise

Over the past few years, Hertel Avenue has changed its look, and we are LOVING it. Once a place of old bars refusing to update the entire community has seemed to step into the modern era. New businesses have moved in and new restaurants and bars are taking this slice of Buffalo to the next level. It has been a wonderful transformation. People want to be there even more than before now. How do we know? Drive down Hertel Avenue at almost any point during the day and there is traffic. Apartments in that area are going for nearly twice what the rent used to be, and houses are sold faster than they go up. Right now, is a wonderful time to be by Hertel Avenue.

A lot of these new restaurants are serving up some of the best food in town right now. They should be honored; of all the places in the states Buffalonians are some of the harshest food critics. Can you blame us? We know good food. In my opinion, one of the best places on the ‘new’ Hertel Ave. has to be the Burning Buffalo. This lovely little spot is located right down the street from the North Park Theater,  and it is the best place to sit and have a drink with friends and just enjoy the day. Now open for brunch, their menu offers unique American style food. Personal favorite is the Hertel Avenue chicken sandwich which is a unique blend of sweet and savory. For those of us that are gluten free they do offer gluten free options. And they’re actually good! They offer unique sliders and wild game burgers. Their menu honestly has something for everyone. They also have games to play if you just want to kick back and enjoy some time with your friends. The Burning Buffalo is bound to become a Buffalo classic and I am excited to see what they have in store for us.

Lake Effect Ice Cream has just opened a location on Hertel Avenue. With their first location in Lockport, it almost makes sense for them to start growing. Their unique flavors such as Couch potato and sponge candy make them the premier place to get Ice Cream in Buffalo. Their ice-cream makes us proud to be from Buffalo. They are now formally open for business on Hertel and have two sundaes unique to that location. One of them being the ‘North Park’ which has rock candy right on top, the other being ‘Bella Italia’ which include lady fingers, espresso sauce, and coffee Ice-Cream. I spoke to Jo at the Lockport location just to ask a few questions about their new location and she really helped us out. She said her favorite sundae is offered at both locations and it is called ‘Salty Caramel’. This sundae has Salted Caramel popcorn on top of the sundae! I guess we know where we’re going later.

Lastly, one of the newest places on Hertel is Hertel Avenue Poutine and Cream. Owned and operated by the same owners of Allen Street Poutine Company- we already know what to expect. It is almost heaven on a plate, and what can possibly go better than French fries and Ice Cream! It is located on the strip, right next to The Burning Buffalo. The star of the menu is their unique style milkshake- called “freak shakes”. However, the personal favorite seems to be the ‘’creamy buns” which is doughnuts filled with ice cream. The poutine portions are large and are a meal. The poutine is a wonderful marriage of flavor and creativity. All the options will keep you full and probably warrant you to take some home. Hertel Ave Poutine and Cream is going to most definitely become one of the most popular places on the strip. We’re just happy we don’t have to drive all the way to Allentown for great poutine now!

Hertel Ave is quickly becoming one of the best places to be right now. With new bars and restaurants opening, and more people going down there it is one of the places to be in Buffalo right now. Do yourself a favor, and when you question where you should go think of one of these new places adding to the rich culture that is our lovely city. If you are looking for a house in the North Buffalo area, or around Hertel Avenue, give us a call. Red Door is opening doors all over Buffalo, and we want to make your dreams come true!!

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