Hiking to the Eternal Flame

To start off, I am not a morning person, and I am not the biggest outdoors person.  I am a clutz when I am outdoors in nature.  I tend to trip over my own two feet sadly.


But my whole goal is to explore Buffalo.  I love seeing things, and trying new things.  So, when the suggestion from a friend was let’s go to Chestnut Ridge, I certainly was not opposed to this idea.  Who would be? The photos online seemed so pretty, and I figured it could not be the worst thing in the world to start my Sunday off with a nice long walk.


This past Sunday though, at 8 am it was 50* as well as raining.  This means it was cold, and the ground was muddy.  Going into the hike I knew nothing about the place, or what to expect.  I did not even know there was an Eternal Flame.  Or did not even realize how steep this gorge was going to be.



Climbing down, I took things personally slow.  I know anyone could have passed me.  I was scared to take a bad step that would send me sliding down on my behind.  (Leaving a muddy behind would be great! Haha not) My friend I was with was running down, almost off roading the trail all the way down.  You know, having no fear.  I felt bad walking slow, but the tortoise does win the race because of patience.


Getting down seeing the flame I was honestly astonished by the natural beauty of the park, as well as the tranquility the rain provided.  For your next Buffalo based adventure check out Red Door Real Estate of WNY. And to hear more about my next spontaneous Buffalo adventure, such as we came up a different path (not realizing) and could not figure out where the car was parked for a solid thirty minutes.


Red Door Real Estate

982 Elmwood Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14221


Sarah Little

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