In the Buff: The World Naked Bike Experience

It was a rainy, but warm summer evening, Saturday, July 14th. Just as the rain subsided, the clothes came off. At a secret location, we gathered, in various forms of undress. Our motivations for doing this “crazy” thing varied. Some of us wanted to feel liberated from our clothes and were given this opportunity. Others simply wanted to express themselves and bring attention to the fact that nudity isn’t really a big deal. But all of us were united in protesting car culture and promoting the use of cycling as a legitimate form of transportation, one which is often overlooked as an efficient, healthy, and green form of getting around, especially in urban environments. Besides that, cyclists don’t get the type of respect they deserve from drivers. Drivers often won’t take cyclists seriously and this contributes to dangerous cycling conditions. We all know somebody who has or has personally experienced being in a cycling accident due to a motor vehicle driver not paying enough attention.

Screaming slogans such as “Less gas more ass!” and “Burn fat, not oil!” we set out on what was practically a bike parade through some of Buffalo’s most prominent neighborhoods, including Elmwood Village, Allentown, and the West Side. Crowds of people waited for our arrival, especially at Bidwell, but most people were surprised, often pleasantly so. There was an infectious vibe of positivity, happiness, and activism that accompanied us on our ride, and we saw this reflected in the wide smiles of the people we passed.

The ride ended with an afterparty; the music, people, and festive atmosphere brought a beautiful and celebratory end to the event. Participating in the ride alone, I came out with new friends and a truly transcendent experience that I never thought I would know. This type of thing can’t happen everywhere, so once more I was reminded of how cool and unique Buffalo truly is. In the summer Buffalo bursts with culture, positivity, and energy as the people embrace the perfect weather, and The World Naked Bike Ride is a testament to this.

By: David Reuveni, Red Door Intern

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