Meet Tyler our new Intern!

Hello, my name is Tyler Compo and I am currently a senior at Daemen College pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I am also pursing a Minor degree in entrepreneurship. I was born and raised in Lancaster NY where I have lived my whole life. After graduating from Lancaster High School, I decided to go to Daemen College because it was a very small private school where I’d be able to be in smaller class sizes. After starting college, I learned that I enjoyed Business, but I didn’t know what category specifically, so I took a wide range of business classes until I landed on marketing. I fell in love with marketing after taking a couple of classes with a professor who inspired me. I have a passion for marketing and social media because I enjoy being able to connect to other people. After a couple of years at Daemen I realized how big the marketing industry in the city of Buffalo is becoming. I love being able to meet new people and working with people in the Buffalo community. After graduating in May from Daemen I hope to stay in Buffalo because I love this community and living here my whole life has shown me how great it is.

Outside of school I used to run indoor and outdoor track for my high school and college. I was the captain of my relay team in high school and ran collegiate division 2 track for Daemen College where I achieved a few school records. I had to give up running in my Junior year because unfortunately my schedule got too hectic and I wanted to focus on my academics. I loved being able to have the experience of running track in college because when I started in 8th grade I had no idea I’d be able to participate in a collegiate sport. Besides track I also play soccer on the side. I play for my friend’s men’s league team in the Buffalo district soccer league.


I’m very excited to start interning for Red Door Real estate!

Tyler Compo

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