Intern Regan’s Experience at the Facebook Community Boost in Buffalo!

Did you know that the average person spends 80 hours a month on the internet? We are all guilty of getting sidetracked on our computers and phones! With each day there is something new to see on the internet because this is where people spend most of their time. Through Facebook, and other media platforms, expanding businesses are generating customers through ads on the internet because it is quick and easy for the customer.

This week I attended the Facebook community boost workshop created to provide knowledge to local business owners who are looking to expand their mobile economy. Throughout these three days, Facebook professionals discussed the importance of marketing through social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram to expand one’s business locally, as well as internationally.

After my time spent at the community boost program, I was well versed in each section that I attended, and felt encouraged to view Facebook and Instagram as not just a social media platforms, but as a way to expand a small or large business. In addition to receiving beneficial information from employees of Facebook themselves, this program also created discussions and connections between local entrepreneurs through audience interaction where the audience was able to hear from other local business owners from around Buffalo and discuss their businesses with one another.

In one of the sessions that I attended, called stand out with Instagram, we discussed how Instagram uses sponsored ads to convey their products through images and videos that capture the attention of the viewer. Visuals are a universal language that is understood by everyone, visual images and videos are processed faster than words, making Instagram a successful platform for targeting customers. This session covered how to make your product and images set apart from others. While this can be done through various apps and editing, it can also be done right on the actual Instagram app using fun filters and stickers!

One of my favorite aspects of the Facebook community boost program was how much the Facebook team wanted to help each individual and business succeed. After every session, the speaker stayed after and made sure that no question went unanswered. Similarly, throughout the day, there was the option to discuss more in detail with experts from Word Press, Instagram or just Facebook ads in general where you were able to gain insight on what they think would be most successful for your own business in particular.

The goal of the Facebook community boost was to encourage and aid small businesses to grow, develop and succeed through the physical and digital sales of their products. This Facebook conference will be traveling to several different locations to assist in the building of local businesses.

If you have any questions regarding the Facebook community boost program visit their Facebook page, or contact Red Door Real Estate at (716)786-1177

By: Regan  Sheets

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