Joe’s Experience at Red Door

My name is Joe and I am an intern at Red Door Real Estate in Buffalo, NY. I have been working here since mid May. Today just happens to be my final day here at the office. So in honor of this special day I am writing my final blog highlighting my overall experience.

I live in a small town an hour out of the city so my first day was pretty interesting. Between dealing with rush hour traffic and construction as far as the eye can see, along with the nerves of my big day I began to think I was in over my head. After struggling to find a parking spot that I felt comfortable enough there would be no ticket when I got back, I made my nervous walk into work. Since that first day, everyday I enter the building I am always greeted with warm welcomes. I was introduced to everyone and given the tour. Before I knew it I was given my first task. 

I am currently a Marketing student at Niagara University. I was hired at Red Door to help out with just that. The first project I was assigned was to create company shirts for the staff to wear when they are in and out of the office. It took a little while, but eventually we got the shirts printed and they were a success! I also had the pleasure of creating postcards for Red Door and one of our Realtors. Those three projects among many other smaller projects like writing blogs, sending emails, going door to door, and using Facebook and Instagram, have really helped me grow in confidence and professionalism. I was even given the opportunity to attend the Facebook Community Boost Event downtown, which showed me some useful skills In marketing I didn’t know much about before

Having this internship has made me grow in a lot of ways. You can only get so much experience in a classroom, and this was the perfect segway into the real thing. I’ve met a lot of amazing people that have helped me throughout this experience, whether I worked with them or I worked for them, everyone was awesome!

I started this internship as a nervous student heading into his senior year of college with a select amount of real life experience. Now I leave this Internship full of confidence and skills I didn’t have prior. Among everything I’ve learned here at Red Door, the most important thing I will take away is the community, hard work, and appreciation that comes with working in or owning a small businesses like this one. Striving to own a successful business myself one day I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and experience they have given me. 

If you’re considering doing an internship, you should. Check out Red Door’s Facebook page to see what kind of content you’ll be creating, look at our job posting on Indeed, or send in your resume to Liz at

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