Living with your significant other (College Edition)

August 30th 2017 was when my little love story began. It was the 1st week of classes and I was coming back from work. My friends and I decided to head to dining around 7:00pm. I was waiting on line to get French fries, and randomly some guy whispers nutrient facts about the food. I have no idea who this guy is and sometimes I’m not a huge fan of talking to people that I don’t know. My initial reaction was to smile, knob my head and turn around. He was determined, to have a conversation with me. He asked for my name, told me his was Tre and asked for my snap chat. Before I gave it to him my line sister interrupted us, telling him he needed 3 long and 3 short-term goals before trying to talk to me. Later on we started hanging out, became close friends and now the rest is history.

Here are some tips:


Communicating within a relationship is important because that’s how you express your feelings. You my not always be right but when communicating try to understand the person. Leaving each other notes or texting your significant other is a way of communicating with them. (For example, after my boyfriend cooked he left the kitchen a mess and I left him a not.)

Personal Space!

Everyone needs his or her own time to think and breathe. So personal space and having your own alone time is an important part when living with someone. You can still keep each other company while having your own alone time. (For us Trevon plays on his PS4 while I watch shows on my laptop or have fun looking at a planner.)


Make sure you balance the workload, so cleaning and cooking should be a 50/50 deal. Being in a relationship is learning how to work together and build as a team.


Being home in a comfortable environment is great but make sure to explore. Go on fun cheap dates or if you want to dress up and go to a fancy restaurant in order to continue building memories. Even by driving around and going no where you are building memories!

Date Night




You live together and you spend all day together but always make sure to give each other attention. Take 10 minutes to listen on how each other’s day was. Talk about something funny you saw or any struggles you had.


Be silly! Have fun and if you need to listen to music, dance around. Find different random activities to have fun in a room. Put down your phone and buy board games to play. (Trevon and I play Ludo club against each other for fun.)

Paint Night
Pre-Valentines Day gift


 Feel free to share your experience

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