Meeting Cassie Our New Intern!

Hello, my name is Cassie Carney. I am currently enrolled at The University at Buffalo completing my 4th year. Red Door Real Estate is an amazing opportunity for me to expand on my current skill set and I am extremely excited to see what these next few months will entail.

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY but have always been extremely interested in world culture. This led me to make the decision to major in Business Administration with concentrations in both International Business and Marketing. Over the past 5 years I have travelled around the world engaging in cultural experiences. My favorite place I have been to was South Korea. Throughout my studies I have gained knowledge of their culture and began learning the language through in class lectures and cultural experiences.

I am very excited to be a part of the Red Door team for these next few months as I truly feel it is the right place for me to grow as a person not only in my field but also through real time examples of workplace culture. With this digital marketing position, I hope to expand my skillset and bring a fresh set of ideas and opportunities to Red Door Real Estate. I hope to get to know you all soon!

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