Meeting Keri

Hi! My name is Kerilyn Kostek but I usually just go by Keri. I’m currently interning at Red Door Real Estate during the summer of 2019. My main focus here is to utilize my social media marketing skills and gain new ones along the way.

I was born and raised in the South side of Buffalo. I went to an all-girls private school called Mount Mercy Academy which was also located in South Buffalo. I am a rising senior at the State University of New York at Geneseo majoring in Communications with a focus in Media and Journalism. I also have a double minor in Art History and Urban Planning. As you can tell my interests are all over the place – I’m definitely still trying to figure it all out. (Aren’t we all?)

Although I believe this opportunity with Red Door Real Estate is guiding me into a direction I tend to be very interested in – social media marketing. There are various brands across the internet that inspire me when it comes to marketing; seeing the unique ads, catch phrases, and designs to pull viewers in fascinates me. I plan on utilizing those interests to excel in my position here at Red Door Real Estate.

In terms of personal interests, this past spring I lived abroad in Europe for about five months. Located in the heart of Dublin I experienced the joy of Irish culture while also taking weekend trips to places like Lisbon, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and more. The beautiful sights I’ve seen, the diverse people I met, and the valuable lessons I learned along the way have given me a diverse set of skills I wouldn’t not have obtained if not for travel. I am passionate about travel and believe if you have the means to travel- do it. It’s the best way to not only find yourself but experience a great deal of personal growth.

From boat rides along the canal in Amsterdam
To rainy days in Lisbon
To shockingly sunny days in Ireland
To breathtaking cathedrals in Barcelona
To thermal baths in Budapest

And through all of this I have learned that life is really what you make it and that there are so many beautiful places and people all around you if you look hard enough. I am happy to be in my home city for the summer to experience its opportunity and beauty from within.

Kerilyn Kostek

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