My First Buffalo Bills Game

After living in the Buffalo area for six years, I finally went to my first Bills game this past weekend. This year I told myself to attend a game even though I am not a football fan or even like the sport. That may be hard to hear for people in Buffalo since a majority are big football fans, even if our team is not the greatest. If youa ask me, I think soccer is much more exciting since I know what going on, unlike football. I went with a few of my close friends who happen to be huge Bills fans, so you can imagine them cheering and booing in the right times while I have no idea of what is going on. The Bills were playing against the Dolphins, who are “the worst in the league” according to my friends and other people I talked to. Going into the game, I was told that this would be an easy game and that the Bills for sure would win. That is not what I saw in the first half of the game. They were actually down a few points, and I could tell people around were getting angry by the things they were shouting and the booing that happen after they left the field. However, during the second half, they did come back and won 21-31, which made everyone happy. Attending a Bills game is like no other event, I think people living in the Buffalo area and aren’t fans should at least attend a game once. I had such a great time and hope to attend more games in the future

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