My Journey of Life

Hi, my name is Victoria Terrazzino, but a lot of people call me Tori. This summer I am happily interning with Red Door Real Estate. Growing up, I watched my mom be a real estate agent and my dad be a financial advisor. Combining my knowledge from the both of them I decided to head to college at the University at Buffalo to study Business Administration. I just finished my junior year and after 3 years have finally decided to concentrate on marketing and international business studies. 


Since a young age I have loved to travel. I first had the opportunity to travel in eighth grade and visited seven countries. Being born and raised in Buffalo, I knew going to a local school I would study abroad. Since being at UB, I have traveled to Costa Rica and Africa on study abroad trips. With doing enough study abroad credits I was able to get an international business concentration without having to take additional classes at UB. Also because of my study abroad experience it has opened new doors, including being a Teacher’s Assistant for my senior year. 


My travels to Costa Rica were everything I expected and more. I had the opportunity to stay with a host family. I had never expected to fall in love with them the way I did. It was a short 10 days I had with my host family and my heart will be with them forever. I gained a little sister, Fabi, and two amazing host parents. I still keep in contact with them today, even though the language barrier between FaceTime proves difficult at some times. 

When I first told my family and friends I wanted to travel to Africa I was faced with hesitation. With lots of convincing and explaining I was finally told to follow what makes me happy, something I am forever grateful for.  I just visited Ghana, Africa this past January. I never expected to gain as much knowledge and compassion as I did in a short 18 days. From being able to teach over 1,000 children to visiting a slave castle I learned the ins and outs of a human heart. I was able to experience first-hand stories of women moving up in an entrepreneurial world and the struggles they faced. I gained knowledge to the insights of children growing up in Accra. I couldn’t ask for anymore from a trip abroad. 

There is so much to be learned by the people around us. I am so excited for the new opportunities and experiences to be learned with Red Door. Feel free to stop by at Red Door and join us on this wonderful journey of life! 


Tori Terrazzino

Address:982 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo NY 14213

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