My Red Door Intern Experience

My Red Door Experience

Hi, my name is David. I’m a marketing student at UB, going into my senior year. Towards the end of junior year, I realized it was critical to find an internship, but I was in Singapore studying abroad, all the other places I applied to wouldn’t even grant me the opportunity for an interview over Skype or the phone, because it was too inconvenient. Their loss. Feeling hopeless I started broadening my search and came across an inconspicuous red door.

I didn’t think much of it; small, independent real estate firm in the heart of Elmwood, sounded cool and I might be able to get some nice experience. When I finally got back to Buffalo, passed the interview, and started working, I was more than pleasantly surprised. My first day I was instantly greeted by two adorable little dogs who are basically the mascots of the place. Everybody seemed happy and laid-back. I had an urge to unbutton the top button on my shirt.

Red Door has a family vibe. The regulars working here are friends and have known each other for years. I discovered an environment that is casual, yet hard-working at the same time, fun, but down to business when the time comes. Most of all I experienced a sort of positivity in a workplace that I have never witnessed before, even after working 5 or so different jobs. It is a place that embodies the community, local people passionate about Buffalo, who seek to make it better in the most straightforward way possible, by literally bringing new life into the neighborhoods by selling houses and encouraging people to live here. It became clear to me that Red Door is not only a business, but a community enterprise.

Red Door helped me discover a new side of Buffalo I never knew. This was my first full summer in Buffalo, and through all the research about stuff to do in Buffalo I did on the job my eyes were really opened to what Buffalo really is. Beyond blog and Facebook posts, I actually went and experienced many of these things myself. I went to free concerts, festivals, and even took part in The World Naked Bike Ride, which was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. As an out of town student in Amherst, I would have never knew about this stuff if it wasn’t for my working here. I came to love and appreciate Buffalo and its people, something I truly think many UB students don’t get to do. I’m a New York City kid, and many of the things I love about the City I see in Buffalo. I strongly believe that Buffalo, with its multiculturalism, burgeoning underground arts and music scene, and affordability, will come to rival New York City, as it once did before. Buffalo is a phoenix rising out the Rust Belt.

In terms of my own professional development, this internship provided valuable experience, both in marketing and real estate, which are both things I am gravitated to. I’m glad I got to see what real estate is, as well as the people who compose it. My experience here is definitely encouraging me to become a licensed realtor myself, which im looking to do within the year.  

Overall, working here was more pleasure than work. I developed professionally, discovered Buffalo, and made new friends. Buffalo is rising, and Red Door is helping lead the way.By: David Feyder Reuveni

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