My Red Door Internship

Starting out here, I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I walked into the office, I was greeted by a nice puppy and I quickly learned that this was a cool environment to work in.

My role here has been to market the listings that the company has. From creating eye-catching flyers to advertising on Instagram, I have been able to help Red Door expedite their process of selling a home.

I have worked side by side with Liz, who is the office manager, and I have really enjoyed my time with her. She has taught me many techniques about marketing a house that is for sale. She has a vast knowledge in applications that can be used as tools to help in marketing. Also, Liz has a very good attitude during every task that she does and during the tasks assigned to me. With a go-getter attitude like hers, a lot can be accomplished in a day.

I have learned a lot of things here at Red Door. Making flyers and making engaging posts on Facebook and Instagram have allowed me to see how marketing works when trying to sell real estate.

Those who work at Red Door are self-driven and motivated to do a good job at what they do. I am very lucky to have had an opportunity to intern here and share my talents with them, as well as learn new tools that I can use in the future.

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