My Undergrad Chapter — Complete!

As my four years of college are coming to an end, I can only sit back and reflect on all the memories. Attending Buffalo State College has matured me and gave me the experience to help mold me. I left the Bronx in order to obtain my bachelors and will be graduating on May 19th and starting my new job on June 10th.

Senior year I decided to do two internships one at Red Door Real Estate and one at Elmwood Village. Doing two internships had been a challenge especially trying to stay on track but I have been able to manage it.

My experience at Red Door Real Estate:

The first day I met Liz she had such an amazing and welcoming energy, which made me want to intern here. At first I was nervous to be writing blogs and did not know what to even write about but guess what, I did it! All the projects I have done at Red Door Real Estate has made me more creative and gave me more marketing skills. I would always get super excited when having to work on any excel project. Before Red Door Real Estate I did not know much about creating flyers but know I have a great time and actually make flyers that stand out.

The first day I came with a book that says “you got this” and Liz was so excited. I was able to pick a desk and I choose the one with a quote that states, “Your attitude determines your direction.” I read that quote every time I was there because it kept me motivated and wanting to do more. I’m going to miss sitting in that desk and watching hearing the dogs bark at random people.

Working in a family friendly and women owned environment with Liz, Renee and Carissa makes me want to always work in an environment like this. Red Door Real Estate became a family and I’m going to miss every single person I have met!

Upcoming Interns!

I wish you the best and I hope you enjoy working with Liz. You got this! Your attitude determines your directions!

I’ll be back!

Genesis Burgos

First Day!
Last Day!


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