This past summer was one of the busiest and most exciting summers of my life. My cousins, sister and I decided to go on a little vacation, we ended up going to Wildwood, New Jersey and New York City. It was fun being away from home and be able to make amazing memories with my family. We decided to Airbnb a house so we could have our own space and be able to do what we wanted without having to deal with others around. The majority part of our days was spent in the pool, eating pizza and watching Netflix. You may think that being at Wildwood we would go out an explore a bit, that wasn’t the case for us. We all come from families who manage or own a Mexican restaurant meaning we barely have time to do any of that at home, so we took advantage of that on our trip (mostly me). Since there were 8 of us that went it was also difficult to agree on places to go, hence us staying the house we rented out. We did end up going to the beach a couple of days later, but it didn’t go as planned. Half of the group enjoyed being at the beach and swimming in the salty waters, while the other half didn’t (including me). I had the worst experience ever, while some were in the water, I was sitting in the sand with the rest. I don’t know what I was thinking when I moved closer to the water to lie down, next thing I know a huge wave comes out of nowhere and I’m covered in sand. All my belongings, (including my towel) were ruined by the water and sand. It was also very hot that say which only made things worse and being covered sand and all your belongings ruined, you can only imagine how I was felt.

We ended up heading home after that incident since I was in no mood to stay at the beach, which made a few angry about the fact that they only enjoyed the beach for a couple of hours. The following day we decided to go to the boardwalk, which is pretty amazing! It was nice being with my cousins and spending time with them, making memories that we will never forget. I can’t wait to see where we end up going next year!

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