So I feel like I’m joining a trend visiting Nashville this summer. It seems like a hot tourist spot that everyone’s visiting. I was really excited to go and see what all the hype was about.

When we landed I was soon greeted with true Southern Charm. Everyone was so friendly and would stop you on the street just to say hello, they were genuinely nice human beings.

When we landed we went for lunch around 11am. When we first hit Broadway it was amazing. There were pedal tours and monster trucks full of women and men dancing and singing, and it was only 11. I immediately fell in love. I didn’t realize the extent to which this was a hot spot for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, but they were everywhere.

That night, we decided to go to dinner and eat true southern chicken. It was amazing. The service at the restaurant was even amazing. Not to mention the chicken paired so well with beer.

The next day we had an event where they closed a street off of Broadway. It almost reminded me of a carnival. They had pizza on a stick and street performers. People were coming around and serving drinks and appetizers. The restaurants on the side of the street were even closed down and opened just for the party. It was an amazing experience.

On Tuesday we learned how to line dance. It was so fun to try something new with my family. They were good sports the entire time. We also visited the Gulch. I couldn’t leave without taking the typical Nashville picture.

Wednesday we had a Lady Antebellum concert. What a fun thing that was! We had the entire Music Convention Center for a buffet and drinks. The show started with dancers and then Lady Antebellum came on stage, it was such a good performance.

All and all I loved Nashville. I can’t wait for the next time I go back to have even more fun. Disclaimer… There is country music everywhere you turn there, so if you’re not a fan maybe this isn’t the place for you.

Tori Terrazzino

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