Name Game

So, we’re back to the lacrosse season. The day of the game against Gettysburg. When we travel for lacrosse our coach picks out restaurants to eat at. Sometimes it’s a sit down and sometimes it’s at the hotel. The majority of the meals are Italian, so that means a lot of chicken parm. However, the one place we went to for lunch in Gettysburg stuck out to us in particular. First off it was called The Historic Dobbin House. Which on its own is funny because our head coaches last name is Dobbins. The meal we had was one of the best we had in our travels. Salad, potato salad, pasta, sandwiches, lemonade, chicken and to top it all off cake. It was a perfect meal before our game.

After eating we walked around the house as it’s also a museum. Little did we know it is Gettysburg’s oldest and most historic building. It was built in 1774 by Reverend Alexander Dobbin. The whole history behind the house was pretty cool a just the fact that the name of the house is so similar to our head coaches.

After eating and walking around the house, we went to the Battle Of Gettysburg battlefield to look around. Then went to have our own 2019 battle on the lacrosse field. Which was won by Fisher in double overtime. That’s covered more in one of my previous vlogs.

By Jack Laino

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