New Beginings

Today I begin my second official day interning at Red Door Real Estate. I have already developed my skills on certain media platforms that I had thought I had mastered, along with learning new websites and media. As a non-resident of Western New York I am enamored with the opportunity of delving deeper into the Buffalo community.

Being from Westchester, New York, I am not used to the sense of pride, community, and unity that holds the Buffalo community together. We do not have a football team or signature foods, we are simply the passageway to the metropolis of New York City. I live 40 minutes from one of the largest cities in the world, and 25 minutes from some of the most beautiful hiking in the Hudson Valley. There are places where I can see the NYC skyline from the top of a mountain, which is such a mind bending thing to me.

As much as I love home, I was always seeking the independence of being away, and college was the perfect opportunity. Now six hours away from home, I get to learn new aspects of my own person and identity that you can only develop in a new environment. I am a business major at the University at Buffalo, majoring in Business Administration, with concentrations in marketing and supply chain operations. Focusing primarily on my marketing concentration, I immediately was attracted to the experience of working with marketing and social media that was required of the Red Door internship, along with a long time fascination with real estate.

Real estate is an area unlike most others, in the sense they get to truly delve into the lives of their neighbors and community members beyond the surface level. While some people may just see different names and addresses, I see individuals with families, stories, and history. Are they new to Buffalo? Have their roots been grounded here for generations? Maybe they have a dog, or maybe they even have big Sunday dinners!  These are the true Buffalonians who I get to witness, from afar, plan the next steps in their lives. That is what this small business means to me. People are ready to write a new chapter in their lives, and Red Door is there with a pen and paper to help. To me, opening up this Red Door is much more than the beginning of my 5 hour shift, it is opening my mind to the potential skills, values, and experiences I await eagerly to unfold.

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