Not your average SUV

The Rolls Royce Cullinan. This is the first-ever SUV made by Rolls Royce. The attention to detail in this vehicle makes it like no other vehicle on the market. With a sticker starting at $330,350, you get a lot of cool features that will have you ready for whatever you have planned. Coming standard with 22-inch rims, you can upgrade to the 24s but I don’t really see the need. This car looks about as classy as can be. I like to think of this car as a 5-star hotel on wheels.

This is also the most expensive SUV on the market. The Bentley Bentayaga comes in second and the Lamborghini Urus takes third coming in at $200k. But back to the Cullinan, this 6,000 pound SUV with 563-hp, 12-cylinder engine makes in a beast on the road. With numbers like those, you will most likely be paying $100 dollars at the pump every week to fill this bad boy up.

When it comes to making ultra-luxury cars, Rolls Royce knows how to perfect them. The big thing about cars of this caliber is the price obviously. Do you want to buy a really nice house or a Rolls Royce Cullinan?

Marc Ayala

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