Pizza Review: Forno Napoli

Forno Napoli. A little piece of Italy right in Amherst. With ingredients straight from Italy, this pizza is truly a gem. From the workers to the Italian music playing in the background, you get the full experience. The pizza here is not like your average Buffalo pizza.

The first bite was just as good as the next. The pizza has just the right amount of sauce to make it not too dry and the cheese is as fresh as can be. Mix that combo with the pepperoni and you have a mouthful of different flavors that all pair well. The dough is so light that I, myself, could eat a whole pie.

While Buffalo has it’s own Pizza style, let’s not forget about where it all came from. Italy has some of the best ingredients for pizza because that is where it was created. Forno Napoli includes all these fresh ingredients straight from Italy and makes perfection here in Buffalo. Next time you are looking for a slice of authentic Italian pizza, look no further than Forno Napoli.

Marc Ayala

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