Safe ways to Market your Home during the Pandemic

  • By Tyler Compo

The Corona Virus is scary in many different ways, especially how it has the potential to cancel yearly plans you may have had. One question that I have seen asked a lot during these times is how can I go about selling my home during the virus? How do I market my home and get people to see my house? This may seem like an impossible task, but there are ways you can continue with your house selling plans and have potential customers benefit from this weird time in the market. 

The first important thing to know is that even with a pandemic going on, people still need a place to live and there are still people out there looking for a new home, so don’t let this discourage you. If your house is already up on the market, don’t force or expect potential buyers to come in for an open house. If anyone feels uncomfortable with meeting up for an open house, respect this decision and remember that health is the number one priority at the moment. If your potential buyers are willing to come in for an open house, be sure to properly sanitize everything and have wipes and other cleaning materials ready for them. 

If you are worried about spreading or catching the virus, you can open your house up to virtual tours. This is ultimately the safest way to allow potential buyers into your home. Since the house market is all about showing off your home, showing potential buyers your house via the internet still allows you to have your home exposed to the market without the risk of catching or spreading germs. Virtual tours are similar to looking at houses in google earth on street view but instead you can have a system set up where buyers can look through the house and simulate walking through it. 

Use this stock market crash to your advantage. The downturn in the economy is actually causing a time where buying a house is a lot more affordable. For example, 30 year fixed-rate mortgages have hit rates of around 3.29%. 

Overall, it’s impossible to avoid the hit the housing market and the economy is taking with this virus, but if you stay positive and take the right precautions you should be able to sell your home!

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