Sean’s Top 5 Races in Buffalo

If you’re a runner or just a fan of post-race parties, this list is Sean’s definitive ranking of the best races located in Buffalo.



Race: Subaru Buffalo 4 Mile Chase

Location: Bidwell Parkway

What makes this race so special? A very popular race in Buffalo. There’s $10,000 worth of prize money with the goal to attract high-end runners from different parts of the country. The idea is to have average runners be able to participate in the same race as these star athletes. There were 1,005 runners this past year with a post-race party that featured live music, deep age group awards and a Couples Division. This is a must-do for anyone that enjoys races.



Race: WNY Running Hall of Fame Presents Tom Donnelly’s Hall of Fame 5K

Location: Elmwood & Bidwell (Right outside from us!)

What makes this race so special? It’s BY runners, FOR runners. Often a 5k is put on by an organization that doesn’t really understand what makes a good race. They give you a cotton shirt with advertisements all over it, they limit the amount of food or beer, or they even just get food that doesn’t make a lot of sense to have, such as an entire chicken dinner. Since it’s put on by a running committee, it’s the perfect 5k. Dri-fit t-shirts with no advertisements and endless amounts of beer and tacos. It’s the tacos that make this race for me, I’ve put down close to 10 before and I’m not ashamed.



Race: Shamrock Run

Location: Old First Ward Community Center in South Buffalo

What makes this race so special? Do you like beer? This is the first and only race I’ve ever seen people tailgate for. Before the race even starts you see people dressed in green, drinking in the parking lot, like you would at a Bills game. During the race, it’s not any different because instead of water stops every mile, there’s beer stops! Aside from that, there are serious runners at this event and every year they give out a nice gift to all the runners such as an embroidered jacket. It’s worth the money to sign up, just for the jacket alone.


Race: Buffalo Half/Full Marathon

Sites to see along the course: Lake Erie, LaSalle Park, KeyBank Center, Forest Lawn Cemetery, parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and many other Buffalo highlights.

What makes this race so special? 5,000 runners crammed downtown to start the race. The national anthem starts and on cue, there fireworks from the start line. It really gets everyone excited, which helps with such an early start. The course is good with a lot to see, and you end with a finisher’s medal and all the post-race snacks and beverages you can dream of. This is also the only event that features an expo beforehand, so you can meet legendary runners, get health tips, try out new products, or even sign up for future races.



Race: YMCA Turkey Trot

Date: Thanksgiving. Nov 22. 09:00 AM

Location: Start at Delaware and Tacoma and end at the Convention Center in downtown Buffalo

What makes this race so special? It’s 123 years old. Started in 1896, it’s the oldest road race in America. That’s older than the Boston Marathon that started in 1897. 14,000 people pack the streets to run almost 5 miles down Delaware Avenue. Those who aren’t running, line the streets for the entire course to watch everyone go by. There’re costume contests for both individuals and teams, so people get creative; I’ve seen Santa and his reindeer, hockey players, a T-Rex, and so much more. At end, inside the Convention Center, there’s plenty of beer, lots of fruit and water, and even a band playing while you can watch video highlights of the race. Runners or walkers enjoy this race with all that going on and it’s the reason this year will be my 13th year doing it.

Buffalo has so many more races to offer both in the city and the surrounding suburbs. It’s a great running community. For assistance on any of your real estate needs, give us a call at 716-768-1177.


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