Sock it to me

Socks? Yes, I’m writing about socks. People always ask me, “Sean, what was your first pair of non-boring socks?” …  Okay, so no one has ever actually asked me that, but I’ll still tell you.

It started with blue and green argyle socks that I picked up before leaving town for a wedding. I wanted something other than the old black ones I seemed to have had forever. The socks matched my tie so well that I was inspired to get more socks like them. A sign of getting older is your Christmas list consists of “fun” dress socks, and that’s what I got; about 12 pairs of colorful designs with multiple patterns on them. We’ve got dots, stripes, diamonds and more. So, my sock game is always A+.

“The Bills make me wanna SHOUT! Kick your heels up and SHOUT!” Especially rocking these bad boys

The exotic socks came from when I needed a gift for my brother, a big Michigan State fan. So, I Googled some socks to buy and stumbled upon this site that was offering great (yet, pricey) socks with the mascot on them. Ordered them immediately. A few months passed, when I got one of their emails telling me “What’s New”, and that’s when I saw them; a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air line of socks. There was no hesitation there, I got myself some Big Willie Style socks. Expensive, but totally worth it. Those marketing emails get me every time. The Bills socks came the same way. But there are others that I would love to have if I had the budget to afford a lot of $18 pairs of socks. I’m eyeing The Karate Kid socks for my next purchase. Wax on. Wax off.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air socks with Big Willie himself

Dress socks and character socks aren’t the only expensive and colorful socks I have. Apparently, it’s a trend with me I didn’t realize because I also have running socks! You heard me correctly, I have running socks. Compression and comfort ones, in a few bright colors, that fit my feet well enough, and are thick enough in just the right spots to avoid blisters. I made those purchases after I started running and saw the condition my feet were left in. While the national color of runners is neon green, I try to mix it up between some red and blue too. They are about $15 for a pair, so I do my best not to stock up on too many of them.

The lesson to take away from all of this, besides that I spend too much money on socks, is don’t be boring. Life’s too short to be wearing those old black socks with a hole in the toe. Spice up your life, it won’t kill you, I swear. In fact, as I write this, some woman has just complimented my yellow socks with a hexagonal pattern. Stay tuned as I search the internet for more fun socks that I’m sure will be shared with you via our Facebook page, so make sure you like us! For assistance on any of your real estate needs, give us a call at 716-768-1177.

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