Spring has Sprung

With the warm weather coming in, I like many others are beginning the “fun” activity of prepping flower beds for the upcoming spring. Now I am not blessed with a green thumb, but I still enjoy seeing the array of colors of different flowers. With this being said, I thought I’d do a little research to share on what to do to get your garden looking good.

First off, fall and winter exposures garden beds to a lot of elements. The boring part about prepping includes cleaning out garden beds of broken branches and leaves. This allows for spring bulbs to come up without being hindered by anything. It is also good to trim off broken or dead branches from trees or bushes.

It is also a good idea to give the soil some TLC. This includes raking the soil, being sure to turn over the soil to clear any weeds that may have grown. A good idea would be to add compost, wither from a homemade bin or a store bought bad to add nutrients to the soil. This should be done before planting new plants, as it needs to mix with the soil and won’t be able to burn the roots.

Next is make a plan. Look to nurseries to see what flowers should be added to fill holes in your garden bed. If unsure, ask one of the employees, they are sure to have input to help. This link (https://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/zipbyzip.php?zip=14222#b) includes good plants for Buffalo, NY.

Lastly, don’t forget to maintain it. After all that hard work and planning, no one wants it to go to waste. Upkeep helps the plants live longer and keeps your yard looking beautiful. A good idea is to put mulch down in late spring. This kills weeds but also will break down over the following fall and winter, adding nutrients to the soil.

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