By Tyler Compo

Recently, the #StayHome has made its rounds across all Social Media platforms. The idea is to get everyone to stay home to save lives and not spread any potential germs we may have. At this point I think its known by all that this is the most important thing we can do to do our part.

The #StayHome is being used on places like twitter, Instagram, youtube, snapchat and more. It’s more than a way to tell people they shouldn’t go out unless they have to. Many people have taken it upon themselves to use this hashtag to give each other advice, show what they are doing in quarantine and to motive each other.

I believe this can be a very powerful moveemnt where everyone can use this hashtag and start the trend of using quaratine to our advantage. Don’t think of staying home as a bad thing, this can be a time to be very motivated and start doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Use the #StayHome to tell people to stay home and stop the spread, but also to motivate eachother and keep each other positive. The longer we can stay busy and happy during this time, the faster and easier it will be for everyone.


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