Staying Sane While Stuck at Home…

Recently we have had no use for planners and alarms! It is easy to lose our routines when there is nothing open to do. Here is a list of what I have been doing to stay busy,active and informed!


Podcasts are great if you want to multitask at home but still stay up to date. My favorite podcast is Encyclopedia Womannica,  5 minutes of information about different incredible women from throughout history. Listening to stories about women who have beat all odds and worked tirelessly to get equality is truly inspirational. Each month has a different theme ranging from warriors to witches of all origins and ages. 


With school, work, and my internship, reading for leisure seemed like a luxury. Now with all this time, I am going to pick up some books off my shelf and dive in. If you can’t leave the house due to lockdowns, there are always ebooks that you can read on your phone. YouTube also has many free audiobooks if you’d like the entire family to listen. Recently, I have been reading All About Love by bell hooks. hooks’ uses the book to explore the question “What is love?”. We could all use a little bit of love in these unprecedented times.

3)Checking In!

Checking in on family members right now is key! With propaganda on social media and vague government announcements, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. A phone call to your mom won’t hurt. The elderly are especially at risk right now. Calling or FaceTiming them is a great way to show you care. Another person to check in on right now is your germaphobe friend. Make sure they are stocked up and have the supplies they need.

4)Binge Watching!

This has to be the least active self-quarantine activity, but the most fun! There are thousands of movie and TV titles to watch on Netflix, Hulu and Disney +. Right now I am tuned into CNN, which probably isn’t the best choice all day. When I finally get my fill of the news, I will be watching The Gilmore Girls! The early 2000s was such an easier time.

Happy Isolating!

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