Summer Soccer in Buffalo

Are you a male living in the Western New York and have a love for soccer? I bet you didn’t know that Buffalo has one of the best Amateur Soccer Programs in the US, the BDSL. The Buffalo and District Soccer League (BDSL) is comprised of 80 teams across six divisions. Competition ranges from the highly competitive Premier Division, with college players and coaches, to the fun, but still competitive Third Division. Championship, 1st and 2nd make up the middle portion of the league. The league is designed to run like it is in England where teams are promoted up a division or relegated to a lower division for the next year, based on how their season goes. The games are primarily played on Sundays but there’s also an Over 35 league that plays on Friday nights. The BDSL consists of over 1,600 players and runs from the first week in May until (hopefully) early August, depending on if your team makes the championship game.

I play in the third division, the most fun division, because it’s what many refer to as a glorified beer league. It’s a perfect balance of competitive but still fun. Our team name, Big Green SC, is based off a 1996 Disney movie and we went from a 2-9 record last year (including a 13-2 opening day loss), to squeaking into the playoffs this past summer. Our team was started with my friends and their friends, but what we built as a team, everyone is now friends with everyone. This past summer, I built one of the closest-knit teams I’ve been a part of. It’s the perfect way to spend a summer; running around for an hour and a half and then heading over to the bar win or lose.

For more on what I thought about going into the 2018 season, you can check out my interview with the President of the BDSL here:

While you might be thinking, you’ve played on a sports team before where you just pick a silly team name and you’re done, right? Well in the BDSL world, each team has their own crest, there’s semi-serious name regulations (‘Tequila Mockingbird’ got rejected), and one of the best Twitter presences I bet you’ve seen. 95% of the teams are on Twitter, tweeting out things such as; starting lineups, scores and stats, players who have been added to the roster, and even a little trash-talking back and forth among team accounts. Everything and more that you might see from a professional sports team’s Twitter account.

Whether you think you’re the next Leo Messi, or just a guy rocking a dad bod who used to play in high school, there’s probably a team for you, especially with so many suburbs of Buffalo having teams. You could either get in contact with a manager who already has a team or do like I did and start your own.

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