The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Like it or not, marketing on social media is becoming increasingly more important and more relevant. Social media is a free tool utilized by both large and small business. Small businesses face many challenges but social media has made marketing and advertising much easier. Any business that does not embrace social media will be left behind. Technology is only getting better and the marketing world will only embrace online marketing and advertising more and more.

Large business and well established companies have an impressive social media profile because they employ social media marketers to provide their site attention. Marketing on platforms like Instagram and Facebook requires constant attention, ideas and creativity. Large companies, like Hunt, have the money and resources to create an impressive online presence. However, having interesting and relevant content is just half the battle. The other, possibly the most important part is building a following/social media presence. Having fantastic content will get you nowhere if it does not reach your audience.

Therefore, before creating and posting content, extensive research must be done. The social media platform you market on depends on your product or service. If you are selling hybrid or electric cars, you might choose to advertise on Instagram in addition to TV commercials and billboards. This is because the largest age group, at 41% of all users on Instagram are between the ages 25 and 34. This age group is more conscious of environmental impacts, or would just rather save money in the long run by not filling up on gas a few times a week.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when marketing on social media, is that results will not be instantaneous. When beginning a new marketing campaign it will take 12 to 18 months to start seeing results. Results are not in the form of likes and followers from the leads (calls or other forms of communication) you receive from your social media presence.

Social media now has tools to make it easier for businesses to market their product or service. For example, Instagram allows you to create a business page and view the places you receive attention from (i.e. if someone likes your post because they saw it in their feed versus searching the hashtags you use). This is important to utilize because you will be able to tailor your marketing to your specific target audience.

Finally, one of the most important things to utilize when social media are hashtags. These serve as pieces of information that anyone on Instagram or Facebook can search. If you use 30 different hashtags, chances are someone will be looking for something that matches one of the tags you use. These hashtags are a means of reaching profiles and people outside your immediate followers.

At Red Door Real Estate, we understand the importance of social media and have been in the process of creating a following and presence on Facebook and Instagram. While we are new at creating a social media presence, we are not new to the real estate game. We have many experienced and talented agents you can pick from to help you find the house of your dreams, sell your house or invest in properties.

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Written by Rachel Brogan

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