The Last Farewell

Before you read this blog, watch this video.

There is no way I can top Sean’s blog- his over the top cheesy good-bye,  farewell, hasta la vista, adios blog.  But I sure hope that there are some ways I can top the blog in my own cheesy corny way.  Yes I am saying cheesy corny. I will miss my daily dosage of Sean’s words of wisdom and everything else in between. But I will certainly miss the field trips (that majority of the time include Starbucks or Tim Horton’s) to meeting Aunt Debby.  

I learned to broaden my thoughts on social media.  I never thought a real estate company could post on their accounts about things beyond real estate.  But content is content- and content draws individuals attention into the feeds to look at the properties.  

Good-byes are not good-bye forever, as much as they are good-byes for now and see you again soon.  So on this note I am signing off for now, and I look forward to reading next semesters interns blogs.  

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