To Europe and Back

Hello Red Door World. I have been gone for about two weeks and that is because from February 27th to March 9th I went to London, England on a school trip. The trip was amazing (apart from the eight-hour plane rides and the current sickness I now have because of it). I thought I would use this post to tell you what you need to see/do if you go to the London one day.

Now if you are anything like me and history is up your ally, I highly recommend the British Museum. This museum is three floors with seventy-eight rooms of artifacts from the Americas to the Middle East to Asia and of course Europe. The Rosetta Stone (pictured below) is just one of the many things you can see. There is also the world’s most famous chess set, mummies, and a Easter Island statue. Best part, all museums in Europe are free admission so it’s a fun and cheap pastime.

Rosetta Stone

Next, I would recommend St. Paul’s Cathedral. This beautiful church has a unique aspect to it. Now if you’re willing, you can walk up 528 steps to the top and get breath taking views of the city of London. I would not recommend this if you are afraid of heights or narrow spaces as it has both, but if you’re willing it is an amazing experience. If you were with me you got to hear me hyperventilating all the way to the top because heights are not my thing, but the view at the top was well worth it.

If you are a Harry Potter fan Platform 9 ¾ was right near my hotel. Now I will admit that I never read the Harry Potter series (I know bad English major) but coming from a hopeful future writer I can respect J.K Rolling who made a figment of her imagination this famous. For those willing to wait in line, you can take a picture and be just like Harry (pictured below). There is also a gift shop for every Harry Potter fan to love.

For sports fans, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a surreal experience. To be able to see where the 2012 Summer Olympics were held was amazing. We walked inside the pool are and were able to take photos for one pound. Now they use the space for current games, and we were able to see a soccer (or football there) game. A small hike away are the Olympic rings, which I highly suggest you get a picture in front of.

If you are more on the athletic side, I recommend seeing Durdle Door. This is a beautiful rock formation created by the sea and has a calming feel to it. It does take quite a hike to get down there and it is muddy so dress for the weather.

Lastly, I would say to 100% take a photo with the ionic photo booth.

After the trip I was ready to go home. This is the first time I have travelled since the sixth grade. I was reminded how much I love and miss home. So as fun as London was, I am glad I’m back home.

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