Too Many Clothes, Too Little Space

Too many clothes with too little, to what it seems as absolutely zero, space to fit them all appears to be a reoccurring problem in most of our lives. We’re left no choice but to designate that dusty-old corner in our rooms, to a pile of clothes that have nowhere else to go. Or we simply shove them into other drawers, to the point where we can hardly close them, clothes are popping out and ready to explode as soon as we open the drawer. One might say, just get rid of some clothes… don’t be silly! Enough is enough, no more dusty-old corners, no more overflowing drawers, its time to get organized! Here are 5 organization products that will help you make the most out of that tiny closet space:

1.) Pants can easily take up a lot of space. Folding and stacking them one on top of the other seems like our best and only bet to storing them. Saving a ton more space than you would laying them next to each other, this Pants Hanger lets you hang 5 pairs of pants just on one hanger.

2.) Award for taking up the most amount of space goes to: shirts, or should I say those chunky hangers. How those little things manage to fill so much space than our actual clothing is unbeknownst to me. Instead of replacing them for newer hangers, opt for these Space Saving Hangers allowing 6 shirts to be hung on a single hanger.

3.) For those clothes that can’t be hung or fit into drawers, try for these Hanging Shelves. Simply hang this in your closet for 5 new shelves. In addition to the shelves, each has pockets on its sides where you’ll be able to fit hats, belts, scarves, or any other miscellaneous items.

4.) Guilty for taking up, not so much space, but awkward space are shoes. Trying to fit different types of shoes with different shapes, neatly into one area is quite the task. Instead I end up throwing and piling them into the bottom of my closet, which then creates chaos when trying to find a matching pair of shoes. This Over the Door Shoe Rack or these Hanging Shoe Shelves are both lifesavers, and will help to organize, save closet space, and also save time when searching for your favorite shoes.

5.) Use this Door Hanging Organizer for an efficient way to arrange those miscellaneous items such as hats, scarves, coats, caps/hats, jewelry, etc. Whether you place it on your wall or on the back of your door, its a great way to showcase such items. While offering up more closet space, it is easily accessible and will help to keep things neat and tidy.

Opt for these products to make the best use out of that tiny closet space, and try them out in your current or future home. Your closet might just go from this…


to looking something like this…







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